Steve Goodwin

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Coney Island Maybe

Coney Island Maybe are five musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who share a love of folk, blues and Americana. With harmonica and lap steel in addition to vocals, guitars, bass and percussion, they produce original music in their own particular style as well as adding an unusual twist to the occasional cover.  The band have

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Chris Pariss

Christopher Parris

Christopher Parris is a singer-songwriter originating from here in Tunbridge Wells and in recent years the music has evolved and flourished into a universal, unifying message, expressing the depths of spirituality and human emotion while communicating songs of love, compassion, ancient sacred teachings and the mysteries of creation. His debut album is due to be

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Alana Hazzard singer and songwriter

Alana Hazzard

After taking a year off music to focus on her dental nursing qualification. Alana is back to share with you all what she has been working on over the last year. Alana’s presence is truly mesmerising. Alana delivers an abundance of heartfelt lyrics which create a meaningful and powerful work of art. Each song has

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Cally Collective band

Cally Collective

Newly formed band Cally Collective is an amalgamation of musicians from long standing local bands. Their songs are a mixture of funk, soul and rock. Songwriter Caroline is better known for her cello playing with the Paul Dunton Orchestra and has grown up in the classical world, but recently took the plunge to create her

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Geordie Hunter singer and songwriter

Geordie Hunter

I have been writing my own songs for a little over three years now. After moving to England from Canada a couple years ago, I started to perform at open mikes around Tonbridge and Sevenoaks, and have found that I love performing to a live audience, especially when it comes to my own songs! I

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Perry Ripley musician

Perry Ripley

Kent based Independent Singer-songwriter Perry Ripley brings a moody, raw & thought-provoking portrayal of his emotions through his original lyrics. His tracks walk the line between Alt Rock, Indie Pop & Sultry Electric. He first appeared on the music scene when his self-released debut EP SET FIRE TO THE ROSES received radio play on BBC

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Kumala band


Kumala are Imi Smith, Alex Howis, Sam Frost, John Bergin and George Miller. Formed in the summer of 2020, they are a true product of the pandemic with their first batch of singles being written whenever they could get together during the multitude of lockdowns. The boys in the band had worked together in previous

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