Kumala are Imi Smith, Alex Howis, Sam Frost, John Bergin and George Miller. Formed in the summer of 2020, they are a true product of the pandemic with their first batch of singles being written whenever they could get together during the multitude of lockdowns. The boys in the band had worked together in previous projects and decided it was time for something totally new. Alex sold his drums at the start of the pandemic, bought a laptop and a basic home studio and together they started writing, producing and experimenting. Towards the end of the summer they were put in touch with Imi, who after studying at the Brit School and ICMP, a brief spell in a girl group and some work writing and recording vocals for various producers – joined Kumala. Her alternative R&B-influenced vocal style added the final ingredient to the sound, bringing both an energy and a calmness to the music. Their debut single (Lunar In The) Summertide was released on 27th August 2021, with their second ‘Love Me, Pray For Me’ hot on its heels. Their latest single ‘Say Enough’ was released on 17th December and preceded their debut EP ‘In Colour’ which was released on 4th March 2022.

Instagram: @kumalaband
YouTube: @kumalaband