Christopher Parris

Christopher Parris is a singer-songwriter originating from here in Tunbridge Wells and in recent years the music has evolved and flourished into a universal, unifying message, expressing the depths of spirituality and human emotion while communicating songs of love, compassion, ancient sacred teachings and the mysteries of creation. His debut album is due to be released in the coming months and has been a pivotal aspect of his personal healing process. And in a wider sense he has unshakable faith that his latest material has the potential to help with the collective healing of humanity and the global awakening now happening on earth. Bringing together influences and sounds from around the world the album features several incredible and magical musicians using congas, shakers and various percussion instruments along with African bass, guitars, vocals and keyboards that orchestrate and arrange the songs beautifully. Christopher sings and plays acoustic guitars in various tunings, most notably variations of open D tuning as well as playing the sitar from India. Since recording the initial song takes for the debut album in early 2020, two more albums have channelled themselves into our dimension which have taken these concepts even further and are just as deep, exciting and progressive, they will be recorded as soon as possible. We live in an era of great change and the music is an expression, a manifestation, and a demonstration of the human potential to overcome and achieve anything. Let us initiate the liberation of humanity and bring the light of divinity into this world, that is our objective, that is our purpose and that is why all of us are alive now today. There is a tremendous shift occurring and we’re just getting started. 

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