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Valentine is a self-taught British Singer-Songwriter, Rapper.

Born on Valentines Day and raised in The Garden of England, Kent.

Valentine, like a rose flower, wants to stand out in his own characteristics, and aesthetic, in every song he creates to perform. His versatility enables him to cover almost every angle of music he so chooses to make. 

Valentine’s abilities cover a range of genres from R&B, Melodic Rap, Realism rap, Garage, Melodic Drill, Melodic Trap, Drum and Bass, Grime, Afro-swing to Pop and many more.

Valentine has amassed over a million streams and views online since his drive to become independent, in music, three years ago. He has worked with Golden Globe and Grammy Award winning Artists, Producers and Creatives.

With a Global plan now in place for the future of his music career he is utterly confident that he is going to make an impact in his hometown, local community, and country. His passion and vision stem from a past of hardship, adversity, trials, and tribulations.

He is now writing and performing for a project engaged with The United Nations on Global Change and Positive Impact world-wide. Valentine is also a Mental Health Advocate, a Motivational Speaker and has recently become a Mentor for children in schools, in Kent, and surrounding counties.

Most recently Valentine has become the newest member of The Strong Community Lead, a movement to better oneself from the inside out, and works closely with strengthening his fellow community members.

Valentine is rapidly becoming highly respected for what he is offering through music and his ambition to grow himself and others.





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