2022 Festival Acts

9.00pm Noble Jacks
7.55PM Orange Circus
(main headline support)
7.00PM Marie White
5.50PM The Paul Dunton Orchestra
5.00PM The Charlie Rivers Band
4.20PM Soda Prism
3.40PM The Ackerleys
3.00PM Cally Collective
2.20PM Steffan James
1.40PM Michael Crowther
1.00PM Elias Kopp
12.30PM Alana Hazzard
12.00PM Geordie Hunter
Motor Raider
Wake Up Leo
Gramma Vedetta
(free entry – donations encouraged)
Doors 8.30pm

9.30 Kumala
8.30 Perry Ripley
7.30 Kay Hazel
6.30 Night Without Sleep
5.30 Kung Fu Slipper
4.30 The Naming of Things
3.30 Chris Parris
2.30 The Airstreams
(free entry – donations encouraged)
Doors 1.30pm
The Sussex Mews
7.25 Move Over Dali
6.35 Jez Harley
5.55 Coney Island Maybe
5.00 Anna Howie
4.10 Gronk
3.20 Leo & Tingley
2.40 Biddle
2.00 Act TBC
(Free Entry – Donations Encouraged)

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