Code: Marla are on a mission to recapture the excitement of the rap/rock mash up genre of early 2000’s nu-metal, but with a modern, more EDM focused twist. THey combine dubstep, trap, jungle, and metal to create music you can equally bop, skank, and mosh to.

Initially formed as a straight up dubstep solo project a decade ago, Code: Marla has continued to evolve and get heavier as the years pass. Their most release, the “Lights Out EP” released during the lockdown of 2020 has been getting praise from the likes of BBC Introducing who featured the song “Make you…” on their show on BBC Radio Kent as well as from crowds when the boys took to the main stage for the first time in Calverley Park, for Local and Live 2021.

The band are busy at work writing and recording new songs which see them take an even heavier route, and doubling down on distorted guitars, wide sweeping emo style choruses, and of course, enough ground shaking bass to get any party going.



Code:Marla band promo picture